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1992 – An association between eating foods high in Carotenoids, a high level of Carotenoids inthe blood and a lower incidence of macular degeneration is established. (9) The Nurse’s Health Study reported a high dietary intake of spinach and other greens with high levels of the specific Carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin led to a 27-39% reduced risk of cataract formation. (10)

1993 – Data suggested a reduced risk of neovascular AMD in persons with higher levels of serum Carotenoids. (11)

1994 – Dr. Seddon found that eating foods high in Lutein led to a reduced risk for macular degeneration. (2)

1995 – Dr. Yeum reported Lutein and Zeaxanthin as the only two Carotenoid antioxidants found in the lens and retina. (1)

1997 – Studies were published showing a 30% reduced macular pigment density with AMD and cataracts. A correlation was found between reduced macular pigment density and increased lens density (cataracts) in seniors. (12)(13) With dietary and/or supplemental Lutein, macular pigment density can be increased. (14)

Latest Lutein Study – May 2002


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